Sex – What Flavor Do You Like?

I like so many flavors it’s almost painful. Thanks for asking. 🙂


From: Sex – What Flavor Do You Like?


Human sex.

Human sex from this Heathen’s point of view.

I have a dick. You have a vagina. They were made for each other.

We could have sex. I could stick my erect dick into your wet vagina and move it in and out until I cum in there. You might get pregnant. I hope so because we are trying to have a baby to pass on our Nordic blood.

We could have sex. I could stick my erect dick into your hot, wet pussy and pump the hell out of you. Because I realized after the 13th baby that it feels do damn good to have sex.

Bicycling in the Nude … again.

You miss a lot of wonderful as well as historic art if the nude is denounced. ~ B. J. Adams

Did I mention I have a thing for bicycles, especially if there is nudity involved? Just saying, what a wonderful way to get some exhibitionist time and be out in the wild.

Fortunately I live in the great northwest so there is a lot of opportunity to peek in on the people who are brave enough to share.

Now truth be known, I’ve never participated so I don’t know if there is any pain associated with this hobby.

15 - 1

I mean, do you ever accidentally sit on your balls? No really … I wonder about this. And of course there is the sun burn stuff. Oh, and the insects biting you know where. Not to mention the chance of getting arrested. But I guess that’s what the Fremont Solstice Parade is for.

Unflattering Selfies

True Selfies are unflattering. They show the bumps, moles, and vestitudes of life. There is your stomach just hanging out there. Oh, and about those skinny legs.  😉


A friend of mine once mentioned that they inherited a computer from a family member, a youngster. She had over 1000 selfies on the computer. Not overly naughty but still. It is the sign of the times methinks.

I wonder what my family and friends would think if they found me on the Internet, in all my glory. Most would be embarrassed. But harbor hope that some would save the pictures for their own use. I know … silly me.

Meness … again.

60-ish feels good to me. I used to think being in your 60s was a death sentence. Silly me, I’m really enjoying it. I know it grosses some folk out, but screw them. Please.  😉

Yes, I’m an exhibitionist. But I truly don’t want to offend those who would not enjoy the sport of showing off your nakedness. (Is nakedness a word? If not, it should be.) So I share to my naughty friends … until they tire of it.

Girls are so lucky …

This little story was the highlight of my day. You go girl.

As some of you might aready know, I dig fooling around in public. Something about the idea of risking to get caught makes it crazy exciting. Now I know standing still in the center of town blows up that risk a lot, so I figured: why not go for a walk instead? It was a […]

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World View in Art

I liked this post a lot. Very nice.

Views IV is an emotional and digital exploration of commodification using photography, digital collage, and color as modes of expression. The nine-piece set explores various world-‘views’ through figurative line-drawings. Unnatural color effects and iPhone pixelations remind viewers of our own natural ability to shape reality through perception. As in the companion sets, found images from […]

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